Holiday 1989

We the undersigned had just a dandy year in 1989. To wit:

  1. Daniel successfully completed his kindergarten training and is now continuing his education in first grade at Mason-Rice Elementary School. In his leisure time, Daniel discourses with his contemporaries on the relative merits of each of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and hones his construction and prestidigitation, and soccer skills. His current aspiration is to sing bass for “The Bobs”, a new wave a cappella group.
  2. Alena has reached the developmental milestone of “chatter”. Her verbal stream is interrupted only when she bursts into song. She enjoys her play school,taunting her brother, teasing her father, and annoying her mother. If we weren’t so cheap, you could tell from the pictures that we didn’t enclose that both she and Danny have inherited their parents blue eyes and are, objectively, quite cute.
  3. Anndy, having been rejuvenated by running away from home to California for a week this summer, is now back at the ranch. She was a finalist (3 out of 80 applicants) for an Exhibit Planner job at the Museum of Science which was perfect except that they were foolish enough to advertise two years too early. While not offered the job, Anndy certainly made a fine impression and will no doubt find herself back haunting these people within the next few years. As if being “the mom” is not enough, she continues to fill her free time teaching afterschool science courses and being volunteered for PTA committees.
  4. Glenn still works. Occasionally. He still golfs. Very occasionally. He is still obnoxious. Always.
  5. As a family, we found time to vacation in Lake Michigan. Well, not actually in the lake all the time, but near the lake. We made some progress toward having identifiable species growing in our garden, and are rearranging the interior of the manse in an attempt to achieve a temperate, rather than arctic climate during the cooler months.
  6.  After a trial separation while she spent a semester in graduate New Jersey, Jeannie Souza is transferring back to this area and will once again be keeping our third floor warm.

We wish you all joyous holidays, and a happy, healthy 1990!