Holiday 1992

We seem to have surpassed even our own procrastination record and have missed timely wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy Chunnukah, Happy New Year (that’s 1993, in case you’ve lost count) and even Groundhog’s Day. Let us be the first, then, to wish you a Happy Patriot’s Day! For those of you residing outside the Commonwealth [sic] of Massachusetts, that’s an official state holiday allegedly honoring our noble foreparents who strove so bravely for our national independence. In fact, it’s really just an excuse to give everyone a day off so we can all watch the Boston Marathon.

As we sit here in the throes of most severe winter in Danny’s lifetime, it’s helpful to reconstruct the goings on of the past 13 months. First, our annual groundhog report: THEY’RE BAAAAACK!!! They took a while longer to wreck havoc on the garden this year as they waited until our plants had born fruit, thereby increasing their nutritional value. But it really didn’t make a too much of difference, as Ann(dy) and the kids spent much of harvest time once again in the Adirondacks. Anndy accompanied Glenn to Washington–the–state for one of his command performances in order to visit with college “friends” Doug and Pegeen. Only problem was that someone told Doug we were coming and he left for the South Seas. The family had a couple of nice trips to Washington–the–District to visit with Anndy’s sister (Dara) and her family in their almost renovated home. We saw the usual museum stuff, but far more importantly learned first–hand how to prepare dinner for 12 on a hotplate (hint: dial 1–800–EGG–ROLL). This year also marked Glenn’s grandmother Irene’s 90th birthday, which was celebrated by a rather large family reunion. And yes, for the third consecutive year, the Rosen clan attacked family camp. In his latest attempt at “athleticism” Glenn acquired a tomato–sized soccer–induced welt on his shin, proving once again that if we could harness the misplaced power of testosterone, the problems of the federal deficit, world hunger, and the fate of the spotted–owl could be solved.

Alena is thriving as a bona fide school kid, having started kindergarten in September. She reports that she’s the “leader of the girls”, which means she heads the pack when chasing or being chased by “the boys”. It’s not exactly clear to us what happens if any of them happens to catch someone. Alena is taking French and Science as extra curricular activities, and continues to love drawing (mostly princesses, unicorns, and flowers, all in predominantly pink and purple hues), arts and crafts, and dancing to a tape of West Side Story. Her New Year’s Resolution was to “plant a garden with Mom”. The groundhogs will be thrilled. She and Danny were excited that our trip to Disaneyland [sic], 6 years in the planning, finally took place in October while Glenn was in Anneheim for the annual meeting of the Society for Nerdoscientists. As Mickey himself was taking a break in the off–season, the highlight of the trip for Alena was swimming in the motel pool. She aspires to go to Florida and Disneyworld someday so she can check out the pools there.

Danny, now a fourth grader, has recently added chess to his after–school activities, basketball to his repetoire of sports, Hebrew school to the activities that he’ll thank his parents for when he grows up, and oboe to his musical pursuits. His crowning moment came over winter vacation when he check–mated Glenn in a chess game Glenn was seriously trying to win. Danny still hates swimming, but has progressed admirably to the point where he can swim well enough to be allowed to stop taking lessons.

Last spring Anndy had the pleasure of being hired by the New England Aquarium to write curricula for their new summer programs. Danny then got to be a guinea pig participant during the first week of operation, spending each day ferrying out to one of the islands in Boston Harbor and studying marine ecology. Anndy and Alena went along for several days to help teach and generally have a good time. This year Anndy’s escape was to the desert in southeastern Utah. First the Desolation Wilderness, then the desert—such salubrious destinations. Where to this year, Death Valley? It’s a shame she didn’t have the capacity to stockpile solar BTU’s and take them back to Boston for expenditure in February! Now with a full–time part–time job to add to her freelance mothering and writing she’s perfecting her behind–the–back and under–the–leg temporal juggling act.

Glenn is still at Beth Israel Hospital and Harvard Medical School, doing whatever it is that he does research on. He claims it has something to do with the brain development and pathology. For extra–curricular stuff, he is injuring various fingers, elbows, and wrists with somewhat alarming frequency by playing basketball once or twice a week. He plays with people like himself, who, if they ever were athletes, would be called “washed–up”, but since they never were can simply be called “pre–washed.” Declaring this “The Year of the Color Monitor,” he has embarked on an ambitious upgrading program for the home computer but finds himself continuously opposed by short–sighted, short–statured significant others with checkbooks.