Arriving in South Carolina

Hey everyone!

Dorm Room

Dorm Room

So I just arrived in SC yesterday. It is hot, and sticky, but so far that is only the real negative. On the plane ride over I met a lot of really nice people because it turned out about 20 people on our plane ride over were doing Americorps. We arrived at the base which is kinda ugly and run down in most parts, but the dorms and dinning hall are nice even though they are far apart.

My rommate Janney (sans mohawk)

My rommate Janney (sans mohawk)

When I arived I checked into the welcome station then met my team leader named Deanne, who is really nice. Actually everyone here is really nice and friendly. I then moved into my room which turns out to be a suite. This means that my roommate and I share a bathroom with two other girls (we are connected by the bathroom). The dorm rooms are pretty spacious with a lot of places to put your things. However, they are hideous. One wall is poop brown, and the others are this garish off-white color that makes you feel liek you are in a sick ward…the mentally sick kind. I unpacked my stuff then awaited the arrival of my roommate. She finally arrived and her name is Janette but prefers Janney. She is from Idaho (represent…) and has red hair and a mohawk. She is obsessed with hiking and the outdoors, which is good I guess, but can’t seem to really talk about anything else.

I get along better with my suitemates. Quin from South Dakota, and Stephanie from Arizona. We decided the bathroom was way too depressing, so we took a Target run and bought a bright green shower mat and a polka dotted shower curtain…now I won’t feel depressed while I deficate!!!!!! I still need to cover the walls of the room some how, so I think I’ll go buy posters!

So now onto my team. The first night we all met in the parking lot, and we had to find our team by putting together a puzzle. Everyone is friendly and nice…however seem really shy and don’t talk much, I seem to be doing a lot of the talking, which surpises me cause as you know I’m generally shy and awkward when I frist meet people. But I figure, I’m spending the next 10 months with these people so I better talk. There are 10 of us all together…I’m still not straight on all names, but I’ve been spending the most time with Whitney from Kentucky, and Joy from Michigan (cause they are on my hall, not because I don’t like the other people) There is also, Marissa, Jen, David, Adam, Shay, some other M name, and Naimi.

It looks as though we are definitely going to New Orleans at some piont in the next year, and probably some other disaster area as well. We haven’t started training yet, basically we’ve just been going through a ton of paper work and the hot humid heat…but we were told that if “we can’t handle heat…then Americorps is not for you”…everyone groaned, the room was 105 at least.

I have to go get fitted for the uniforms now, oh joy, let me tell you, they are soooooo attractive…

I hope evryone is happpy and healthy!