Recruiting, roaming, and Red Sox

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

So, it has been a while since my last email, but this is not because a lot has not been happening.

I spent my break in Costa Rica, which is a beautiful touristy get away in Central America…it was a blast, and very different from Americorps. It was hard to return to this dilapidated base after a week of luxury.

On my return, I found out that one of my teammates, Whitney, decided to leave Americorps much to our disapiontement. We spent the next few days saying good bye to her and we did it in a Whitney sort of way…breaking the rules.

A few of us decided to go exploring on the base. The Base is over 8 miles long and we are only on the very edge of one side. So we got into our van and drove around. Security is tightening on the base because parts of it are being taken over by the FBI and CIA so this was our last opportunity for pictures. We first stopped at the old power house which looks like something out of a horror movie. There are all sorts of rusty pipes, stair wells, and smashed windows. Not to mention there are weird noises coming out of it. We explored a bit then drove onto the part of the base where the Naval officers and families used to live. The houses were HUGE and beautful despite the fact that they were abandoned. We walked up to the biggest house and tried to get in, but it was boarded up. We then noticed the bullet holes in the door frame and window.

We then proceeded to drive along the the road until we came across what appeared to be a graveyard. We got out of the van and looked at the gravestones. The weird thing was that all the little plaques had been washed out with acid (very purposeful). The one plaque that hadn’t whipped out had a bar code on it…

Severely weirded out, we drove back to our side of base speculating what those stones were…we came up with three options…Aliens, CIA, or POWs…but there is probably some logical explanation, but this is a lot more fun.

The next day was “life after Americorps day” where we walk around booths figuring out what we are doing next year. Since I already know, I was able to walk around for fun and not stress like the majority of the corps. I had a very pleasant conversation with an FBI recruitment officer, a Navy recruiter, Fish and Wildlife rep., some sort of hippyish commune director, Peace Corps, and the Red Cross. There were many others, but I just took their leaflets. The FBI was the coolest, plus they gave away cool freebies.

On my retrun to my room, my Team Leader called to inform me that I would be the ATL (assistant team leader) for the next project. This just means I have more responsibility, and have to fill out lots of paper work.

I leave tomarrow for Fort Myers (RED SOX SPRING TRAINING). While down there we will be doing repairs on homes that were damaged/destroyed when hurricane Wilma hit. We will be there for 6 weeks and working with another team (Silver 3). They seem like a lot of fun, and it will be nice to meet/work with/hang out with another team.

While down there I will find a way to hug/get my picture taken with Jason Veritek and David Ortiz…I think I will use my government satus to my advantage…“I serously think it would improve morale of this dedicated team if they were to meet the Red Sox. They have been working long hours doing disaster relief and they are huge fans. I think you owe it to this country to allow these teams this small request.”

I need to work on my wordage…but that is the plea I shall try. Any sugeestions are most welcome.

Well, that’s all for now!

Hope everyone had a happy holiday! I miss you all very much!

Keep writing, I want to hear what everyone is up to. Even if I can’t respond personally, I STILL CARE!!!