So Soon!


Wow, I cannot believe that in less than 24 hours I am leaving for Miami. Today we are doing the final prep for our project. Research, packing, room cleaning…etc…we leave 4:30 am tomorrow. While we are gone, my bathroom is going to be excavated because half the wing’s plumbing doesn’t work. Therefore I have to lock up everything in my closet to prepare. I am not alone in this, about 3/11 of the corps just happens to be on the wrong side of the building. At least the sewage didn’t back up into my room like what happened to my teammates’ room (this is the one perk about living on the 3rd floor).

This morning we had the corps race. It was 5K. I did alright, wasn’t soo pleased with my time. One thing I don’t understand is how marathoners drink water and run at the same time. I tried to drink the water they handed me, but I choked (and no, I don’t have a drinking problem…other corps members had the same issue).

For the next paragraph, I am going to try to use as many Americorps acronyms as I can (amerinyms):

So, for our SPIKE, each CM gets appointed to be a POC for something. I am PT POC. I am happy that my TL appointed me PT POC. My TM on G5 is Safety POC she needs to make sure we have our PPEs (SGs, Gs, EPs). My UL is named Leland, he is a nice SM. My STL is named Annie she is super cool. Marisa is our ATL for this project. CTI is almost done, we get inducted at 2:30 today. Which means that we are no longer on probation and are officially CMs. We will meet at 669 parking lot, maybe drive to 202, but then arrive at street.

So this is how people talk here. There are a lot more amerinyms, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. They gave us a a sheet when we started CTI (corps training institute) to remember all the acronyms.

I miss everyone!!!!

Keep your emails coming….or…even better…actual snail mail!!! I really like to hear from everyone!

Have a nice fast and Yom Kippur to those to celebrate/atone!