Hey Everyone!

My team after the scavenger hunt   Top   : Joy, Adam    Middle : Marisa, Meredith, Deanne, Naomi, Me (yes, I am wearing shorts)   Bottom : Shay, Jen, and David

My team after the scavenger hunt

Top : Joy, Adam

Middle: Marisa, Meredith, Deanne, Naomi, Me (yes, I am wearing shorts)

Bottom: Shay, Jen, and David

So here are a some answers to all the questions I have been receiving. I am based at an ex-naval base, which we share with the coast guard, Taiwanese navy, and the Department of Homeland Security. Americorps is divided into 4 units for organizational purposes. Red, Blue, Silver, and Gold. I am on the Gold Unit (G-unit) on team 5. When we have gold unit meeting we have to start off by yelling “g-g-g-g-uuunit!” (yeah, I know you’re jealous).

The base itself is very run down and ugly. The rooms are moldy and depressing, but we make do ’cause all of us are soo cool we just brighten up the place. The base is located in a more dangerous part of Charleston (bars on store windows, prostitution, gangs), but the base itself is safe. We often go into downtown Charleston during the weekends, which is beautiful. However, it was kind of shocking how segregated it is down here. Our team had to participate in a scavenger hunt competing with other G-Unit teams. We walked around Chuck town in the 105 degree weather and went to all the historical sights. The highlights were dancing in the fountain, and frolicking in the park (we had to document each of these events on camera, along with the 12 other tasks…I think we looked a little strange in our uniforms dancing in the fountain…So far we’ve been trained in media, first aide, CPR, and the first part of disaster relief training.


Saturday nights have been spent at the local bars or at clubs (where they wear cowboy hats and ride the mechanical bull). On Sundays we have off so we usually go to the beach. Last Sunday we were there and a surfer was eaten by a shark, which was quite scary even though we did not see it. A helicopter kept flying overhead to look for it. This Sunday we were all a little apprehensive about going to the beach, but we ended up going and had a great time.

Today I got to work at a food warehouse responsible for distributing food to hurricane Katrina. Tomorrow I start training for a 3 day Habitat for Humanity project. The only complaints I have are the heat and the fire ants (accidentally sat on a nest…not as much fun as its cracked up to be). Keep in touch, I want to hear from Y’all (seee…I fit in!). You can call me anytime (617) 694-3595. Next email I’ll send you the mailing address.



p.s They do not have spell check on these computers, and as you all well know, it probably wouldn’t even make that much of a difference. Anyway, please no more comments, it makes me self conscious…lol