Stats and Other Numerical Reflections of my Aussie Adventure

Number of airline flights taken: 10


Number of time zones crossed: 15


Number of ocean beaches visited: 17

Number of photos taken: 2989 on my camera, 36 on borrowed camerasNumber of nights in a tent: 12

Number of nights in a sleeping bag: 26

Number of insect bites: Oy

Number of days it took my hiking boots to dry once I returned to Boston: 9

Number of endemic Australian animals I got to see in the wild: 32 plus invertebrates TNTC

Number of new tropical fruits I tasted: 5

Number of people I met whom I hope to see again somehow, somewhere: 23

Bests: waterfalls, surfing, new friends, beaches, research projects, coffee

Next time:

•take Glenn with me

•tour wineries in various regions

•see Uluru and some of the Red Center

•spend time around Brisbane

•See the other half of Tasmania, especially the mountainous National Parks

•go to the Blue Mountians for hiking (Okay. Maybe we’ll have to go with a few people.)

•do a bike trip (somewhere where there is room for bikes on the road)

•eat more tropical fruits

•see a wombat