A Day with BikeBuffs (i.e. Graham leads a tour of Sydney)

Photo op with Bridge

Stuff of nightmares! Amusement Park built after bridge construction on site of construction staging ground. Underutilized, but a definite period (WWII era) piece. 

Lavender Bay Verticals and Horizontals.

Wendy Whiteley’s “Secret” guerilla garden. One of the clandestine highlights of Sydney. For more info, check it out on the web.

After riding around “The Rocks,” Killibilli, North Sydney, Lavender Bay, and a few other areas for a couple of hours, we looped back to the starting point to meet two more people who were either going to join the tour (I was the only tourist up to that point) or just rent bikes. Graham expected a middle-aged Spanish couple. Instead, we met the gorgeous Gracey and Eduardo, newlyweds from Santiago (Gracey is originally Brazilian). Gracey, all legs, blond hair, and an ebullient personality, spent 16 years of her life as a fashion model which took her all over the world. She fell in love with Santiago, moved there, fell in love with Eduardo, and ended up on our bike tour as part of their honeymoon trip to NZ, AUS, and all of Southeast Asia… in three weeks. Eduardo, with his sunglasses on, looks like a slightly taller version of Tom Cruise. He works for Burton (the snowboarders among my followers will well know the company) which takes him all over the place, including annual trips to Burlington and NYC. He’s an avid biker, boarder, kite sailer, motorcycle rider, surfer… He also loves digital gadgets, and had a helmet cam and a excellent Canon digital SLR. He was impossible to keep track of during the tour, but both Graham and I were laid back about the schedule, so we just enjoyed the craziness. The two “kids” (somewhere in their early to mid 30’s, I think) were gregarious and delightful company.

Eduardo, Gracey (trying not to make me feel short), and me and the Replica of the HMS Endeavor, Captain James Cook’s vessel that “discovered” Australia. This actual ship has actually replicated the journey as well.

Eduardo zipping past a fountain on Darling Harbor.

Gracey and Eduardo photographing the koala at the “Wild Life” museum at Darling Harbor (an extension of the zoo, I think). Ho Hum.

Bikers by the Bridge by the Bay (Harbor is less alliterative)

Gracey and I perform at the Opera House

I give BikeBuffs nothing but thumbs up. It was a great way to see the city and surrounds, and Graham, a former antique dealer specializing in Australian pieces, is knowledgeable, informative, kind, friendly, lighthearted, and as laid back as they come. Check it out when you get here! You won’t regret it.