Sydney: Parting shots

The following “totally spontaneous and unposed” photos were taken by Graeme Dodd, the Bikebuffs guy.

Me in a pretty sandstone church built by convicts back in the day. Church is in The Rocks district, just to the west of Circular Quay and the CBD.

Graeme pointed out the differnet patterns of chisel marks inthe stone, showing the different styles and skills of the convict stone cutters. (photo by AD)

Me righting the collapsing bridge.

Yup. I can jump THAT high!


The next two are from Bondi Beach, taken while I was waiting for my second surfing lesson. The lesson, by the way, was a rousing success, beaucse not only did I have fun and not get hurt (goals #1 and #2), I also caught waves by myslef, stood on the board, and steered around some over-sized bathers who were standing in the middle of the “surfers only” zone. The waves were small and gentle, but I DID IT!

So this is why Bondi Beach is perfectly clean and the ramps are sand-free every morning:

Sand plows!

Four little maids from wchool are we.